Style correction request: Water International

The Water International style file seems to generate incorrectly formatted citations. For a 4-author paper led by Srinivasan, instead of generating the citation as "(Srinivasan et al, 2013), it generates it with all 4 author last names (Srinivasan, Lele, Thomas & Jamwal, 2013).

Can this be corrected please? I have not been able to learn CSL style file editing, in spite of several tries (I must say Endnote style files are so much easier to edit). Some help appreciated.
  • edited July 27, 2017
    I am not sure if the (Srinivasan, Lele, Thomas & Jamwal, 2013) is incorrect. The Guide for author says:
    Three to five authors - At first mention:
    Smith, Jones, Khan, Patel, and Chen (2012) or (Smith, Jones, Khan, Patel, & Chen, 2012)
    At subsequent mentions:
    Smith et al. (2012) or (Smith et al., 2012)
    In cases where two or more references would shorten to the same form, retain all three names.
    EDIT: Water International use APA style and it works perfectly exactly as the guide for author says.
  • Ah! I had missed this bit. Thanks for pointing this out! 'Mea culpa' to whoever wrote the WI style file.
  • WI style is "dependent" based on the "independent" APA style file. In reality, each dependent style contains only information about used independent style. All coding of style is in the independent style's file. If you need any changes in the dependent style, you have to edit independent style's file.
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