Zotfile automatic extraction of PDF annotations

I have a problem with automatic extraction of PDF annotations. In the webpage of zotfile, it is said that zotfile automatically extracts annotations from PDF attachment. It seems it doesn't work for me. I'm using MacOS, and Zotfile 5.0.3.

I also found that it works file whenever I right-click on an item and [Manage Attachments-> Extract Annotations].
  • Can confirm.
    Also, it would be terrific if the "extracted annotations" could update with the latest save of the related pdf file, automatically.
  • ZotFile has never done this automatically/live updated. The only place it does this without an active prompt is when using the send to/retrieve from tablet function.
  • Although automatically extracting annotations (say, on save) would be nice, for now you can select multiple items (including your whole library) and do

    Right Click >> Manage Attachments >> Extract Annotations

    Zotfile will process one right after the other.
  • Does this ONLY work for Zotfile? I'm trying to use it with regular Adobe Pro (highlighting the file and taking notes in Adobe) but then the menu [Manage Attachments-> Extract Annotations] doesn't even show up. So my question is: This feature does it only work with Zotfile?
  • You're misunderstanding: ZotFile is an add-on that handles the extraction of annotations only. You can use (almost) any app you want to actually highlight/annotate the PDF (and Adobe Acrobat definitely works)
  • @adamsmith - sure. thanks.
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