Upcoming changes to Chicago Manual

Not being one skilled enough to spearhead the updating of a major style, I thought I'd make the community aware that Chicago is releasing its 17th edition very soon. From what I've heard, changes include eliminating ibid (in favor of short note), which is fairly significant.

They have a helpful blog series for anyone who wants to stay on top of the updates: http://cmosshoptalk.com/category/17th-in-17/

Mods, is this on anyone's radar?
  • Yes, we will proceed as usual and add 17th after it's published and then move the default Chicago over to that in a couple of months or so
  • Looks like Chicago 17th edition is now published. I hope that when Zotero does its usual excellent and timely style update (I remember with relish how Zotero beat EndNote to the punch with the latest APA update...) we'll see a blog post announcing it. I'm a humanities librarian in frequent contact with faculty in several departments who use this style, so I know it's a big deal for them.
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    Yes, it's on my radar. The changes, thankfully, are small. I don't think there will be a blog post though. You can check the Csl project's Twitter for updates @csl_styles
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