[5.0] In a group, restrict who can add new tags

edited July 25, 2017
Would it be possible in future to restrict who can add new tags to a group? Thus, while all members can add items, they can only assign existing tags to the new items. New tags can be added to the group only by owner and admins.

This might be useful in a group that has an established taxonomy for tags and does not wish to pollute the tag pool with tags that do not follow the taxonomy (structure and spelling). Obviously, auto-tags will be disabled so source websites do not contribute to tags.
  • Just checking if this has been noticed.
  • I also would find this useful.
  • edited November 9, 2017
    @dstillman Another query related to tags, hoping you (or someone in the Dev team) can weigh in.
  • @dstillman could you please respond to this?
  • I would find this very useful
  • I don't really see us adding permissions at such a fine-grained level, but this could be implemented as a Zotero plugin. Obviously, that wouldn't prevent someone in the group without the permission, but it could be enforced informally as a convention of the group. Such a plugin could also address the occasional requests for being able to have fixed lists of available tags that aren't necessarily assigned to items.

    Adding in more permissions adds a lot of complexity and also creates more situations where people don't understand why certain features just aren't working (e.g., you'd go to add a tag to an item and it just wouldn't take) or there need to be error messages in unnatural places (e.g., since fields in the right-hand pane never trigger error messages).
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