Automatic bibtex export?

Since Better Bibtex is not working yet with Zotero 5.0, is there a workaround to enable automatic export of library in bibtex format?
  • Or maybe something else. If we could at least execute a terminal command to export the bibtex library, that would be convenient, because then I could automatize the thing myself. Is there a way to export the Zotero library to bibtex using the terminal?
  • No on both, sorry
  • In a terminal with 'curl' or 'wget' you could create the BibTeX file from your online account, if you have sync your local client first. See here for the Zotero Web API
  • Auto-export for BBT is nearly done; when ready it will be announced here.
  • @emilianoheyns That's fantastic news!
  • auto-export now works for collections and libraries, but not for search. It's not certain auto-exports of saved searches will return, but if it does, it will be a while off, as I have a lot of higher-prio stuff lined up before it.
  • @emiliano.heyns Great! So how do we install it? The Github page still says that the plugin is incomplete.
  • It is absolutely incomplete; what is and isn't implemented is outlined here for the duration of the rewrite. The latest version can be downloaded here; look for the latest build-bot message to find a direct link.

    After download you can install it by going to tools->addons->gear menu->install. Once BBT is feature complete the upgrades will be automatic.
  • So - the trello board linked can't be found and the github Discussion "Rewrite for Zotero 5" where the when ready will be announced is closed.

    At least on the zotero addon page it is not mentioned.

    Any news here - as i could not find a conclusion myself?
  • I installed BBT from the Zotero plugins page just this morning.
  • Issue is closed = port is done, so the auto export works. I don't frequent these forums though, questions usually get fastest response by opening an issue on the github tracker.
  • my bad - i used the search function instead to read all.
    It is there named Better Bib(La)TeX.

    My search didnt include brackets i guess.

    Looks good. Works. Thanks.
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