Storage limit

Is the new local storage limit 1GB in the Zotero 5 version? or does it stay at 300MB.

Thank you
  • There is no local storage limit in Zotero (other than the maximum storage space on your hard drive). The storage quota only concerns syncing attachment files to (just syncing item metadata is always unlimited). The free storage quota for synced online file attachments has not changed -- 300 mb.
  • Dear Zotero community,

    This might be a stupid question, but can I still use zotero when having exceeded my storage limit of 300MB? I don't need sharing and I only have one computer where I work from (so no synching needed in my opinion). However, I never physcially save my documents. For example on sciencedirect, I click on the firefox zotero extension and save the paper in that way. I would need zotero only to integrate sources into MS word. Can I still user it without subscription? Or does stop synching mean that from now on, all my sources won't be save into my desktop version of zotero?

  • The storage only affects the syncing of file attachments _to_ the Zotero servers (all sources are saved locally first). So you don't even need a Zotero account to use Zotero the way you currently do and you certainly don't need to pay for additional storage.

    I would recommend disabling file sync in the Sync tab of the Zotero preferences so you don't receive repeated warnings about files failing to sync because you're at your storage limit.
  • Dear Adamsmith,

    Thanks for your swift reply and your recommedations.
  • @StefanBoe Please, be sure that you have your Zotero library (and other documents and software) backed up on a regular schedule to an external drive. The value of syncing to the Zotero server is that you have an additional safety net so that when your local storage fails or you need to reinstall your operating system you will not have lost many hours of work along with your Zotero library.
  • Is there a way to sync the files to a personal server instead of the Zotero Server?
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