Zotero5 connectors: missing function: "attach link" and "attach snapshot"


in Zotero4 for Firefox I heavily used the function "attach link" and "attach snapshot" to the current item. This was the simplest way to attach multiple links and snapshots to an item. And also to attach a pdf, openend in firefox, as a snapshot to the item.

Now in Zotero 5 (standalone) with the connector (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) I miss this function. This functionality is very important for my everyday work with zotero.

Does an other easy way exist in zotero5 to attach one or multiple links or multiple snapshots directly to the current item?

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    You can drag and drop the link from the URL bar directly onto an item in Zotero. You can switch to Zotero mid-drag by using a keyboard shortcut (Alt-Tab or Cmd-Tab on macOS). We will be adding the context-menu options to the connectors soon.
  • Thank you for this hint. It perfectly works for snapshots.

    How can I attach the link to the current item?
  • @adomasven good news that you add an option to the context-menu. I am missing that functionality too in Z5.
    @SiGi To attach links you can c&p the link in the browser and than use the "attach Link to URI" option still avaible in Z5 by right clicking on an item to c&p the URL.
  • @olaf: That's the way, I do it at the moment. But it would be easier to have the functionality in the context-menu directly.
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