Locate in Collections?

Hi, I'm new to Zotero, and am loving it.

Concerning the entries in the middle column, is there any way to "locate" the collection in the left column? Or perhaps add a column to the middle column which tells which collection they belong to?
  • Hm, interesting. At first I tried this and I thought it doesn't work. But now I realize that I have to press-and-hold. If I just press as a normal keystroke nothing happens.

    Also, the highlight doesn't clear (or update) when I move to a different item.

    Anyway, this is useful. Thanks.
  • Is it possible to go the other way (highlight in middle pane the items that belong to a collection in the left pane)? Specifically I am trying to learn how to find the items that I accidentally stored into "My Library" instead of into one of the subfolders.
  • edited April 20, 2009
    The way I have set this up is to have a saved search for items not in any of my collections. Without the option to save a search for "collection is not any collection", this means one line in the advanced search search panel per collection, so the feasibility of this depends on how many collections you've got, plus you've got to update your saved search whenever you create new (sub)collections.
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