Zotero browser plugin - please add DOI wand (add item by identifier)

I have now found out about the sad loss of Zotero plugin functionality for Firefox, and will continue to use Zotero locally on my desktop instead.

Thank you for all your hard work Zotero team!

I would like to make some use of the connector plugin, but don't find it's current functionality useful. If it is possible, I can say as a user, that if the new Firefox connector could incorporate the amazing "add item by identifier" functionality that it would once again become useful to myself and probably other users. (many academics like to add multiple DOI's at a time while doing their searches)
  • You do realize that feature is available in Zotero on the Desktop?
  • Yes. But, searching for sources is done within browser. Up until recent update of browser plugin, I didn't have to switch workflows to do this task.. With recent updates, now I do.
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    I doubt that'll happen. In effect, switching to a different window or having two windows open in a split screen really isn't different from opening the Zotero pane (even though I expect you'll disagree with that) and given that, duplicating the functionality isn't really worth it.
  • I see your point about duplication. But for those of us who never had a local install of the desktop version up until now, it is something new to have to adapt to.

    I will definitely continue to use the desktop version in the way you recommend, and delete the browser plugin entirely. Since in my case, I exclusively work with large lists of DOI's as opposed to 'one-shot' page grabs.

    I'm just mourning the loss of a good thing I suppose. But still a large supporter and fan of Zotero.

  • @wkroy It's hard to change workflows, but sometimes the (forced) changes are for the better. I was die-hard Zotero FF but have adopted the new Zotero 5.0 (only comes in Standalone flavor) and have no regrets. As of today, the old and new Zotero might seem like a tie (to some people), but over the period of a few months, the old will fall behind on features. My advice, adopt the new fully and make small changes to your workflow. And you are already doing that! :)
  • "those of us who never had a local install of the desktop version up until now"
    That might not be wholly correct. You still had a local Zotero running, just that it was working within the confines of Firefox. A few people only use the Zotero website, but that is greatly restricted in functionality and I assume that is not what you were doing.
  • @gurdas, Thanks for the support!

    That's a good point about the install. Yes, I had one look at the website version, and knew that it wouldn't quite meet my needs. I am really enjoying the look of Zotero 5.0 desktop. I think I will be ... ok!
  • just as an example for what gurdas is saying, you can have a list of 200 DOIs import in Zotero and switch back to Firefox to continue research while Zotero does the import in the background. In the add-on, it froze up your browser.

    (Also, in case you aren't aware and it might be useful, you _can_ use the connector to import all DOIs you see on any given page using right click on the connector icon --> Save to Zotero (DOI))
  • Nice, That might actually help. Thank you.
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