How to add a decree law

Could some one help me, please ! Do you know how to reference a law decree published in an official journal ?
Thank you.
  • His should a decree be formatted compared with a statute? If you are a legal researcher and need to cite a wide variety of legal materials, I recommend you switch to using Juris-M, an adapted version of Zotero with expanded legal support.
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I'm a political science researcher.

    I'd like to reference a law decreee but i don't know which zotero entry to use.

    My reference is like this :

    "France. Ministère de la santé et des sports. Arrêté du 22 mars 2010 portant additif n°88 à la Pharmacopée. JORF n°0071 du 25 mars 2010, p. 5863."

    A translate :

    "France. Ministry of ... Decree of 22 mar 2010 on ... Official Journal N0071, 25 mars 2010, p. 5863."

    May be it's a basic question, but I'm a beginner on zotero.

  • I use a Statute type for legal materials
  • Yes, "Statute" ("Acte juridique" in the French version).
  • Thank you for your help.
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