"Scannable Cite" missing (2)

edited July 23, 2017
I first submitted this post on Jul 22 at 8:46 AM. So far, there has been no response.
I understand that the experts in the Discussion Forum are volunteers pressed for time.
I have read all the threads with “Scannable Cite” as the topic, but my problem with the missing “Scannable Cite” continues.
This is what I have done:
I successfully installed the beta version of RTF/ODF-Scan add-on to Zotero standalone. However, the option "Scannable Cite" does not appear after Zotero>Preferences>Export Tab.
I quit Zotero and restarted my computer, but the issue remains.
Does someone have the solution?
Thank you for your kind attention.
Zotero 5.0.4
Mac OSSierra 10.12.15
Scrivener for Mac
Firefox 54.01.1 (64-bit)
  • Hi,

    Did you find a orkaround/fix for this? I am seeing this too on a brand new never used before Mac too.
  • Back in july the solution would have been to manually install Scannable Cite (that's covered in several post in the main ODF Scan support thread), but I believe right now you should only have to restart Zotero.
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