Delete read RSS feed items

I have been testing RSS subscriptions (table of contents alerts) and notice that the feed items don't delete as expected given the advanced feed options.

For example I selected "remove feed items after 1 day". But this doesn't in fact happen. Does the publisher need to remove the items from the feed on their end?
  • I meant to say "remove read feed items after 1 day".
  • I've been using the feed function since the early days of 5-beta. This seems to be publisher related. Some publishers seem to re-send items as though the items are new. I can't list those publishers now because I'm not at my desk. However, I commented about the problem on this forum months ago. If those of us who encounter this problem will contact the publishers, maybe the number of comments will sufficiently get their attention to the problem.
  • which feed specifically are you looking at? I know there is weirdness with the Sciencedirect one.
  • Sorry for not replying earlier.

    At least one of the feeds that does this is from ScienceDirect. The articles get the current date each day the feed is published.
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