"Show File" command for localising file of item attachment

edited July 21, 2017
Use case: Trying to localise file of an attachment of a Zotero item via [GreenArrowButto]>Show File:
An earlier iteration of Zotero (a while ago) used to show *the last known folder* of the missing attachment. Currently, the main zotero>storage-folder is shown instead.
Showing last know folder seems preferable, since the file may have just had a name change (i.e. after being cropped or optimised via an external editor); showing the old folder would thus show the "new" file in that location where it can be easily re-associated with the Zotero item). With the current settings, the dialog window for localising the file simple opens at the top storage folder which doesn't help to find the changed file.
  • I'm pretty sure this hasn't changed. We just can't show the last-known folder if it doesn't exist.
  • edited July 22, 2017
    I get this behaviour even if the last-known folder still exists: default folder for the localising dialog opens the storage folder in Zotero's directory. (Original folder of the missing attachment still in place.) Can't tell you when the behaviour has changed but recall that this was not always the case. And for the above reasons think the old behaviour is preferable.
  • Sorry, you're right — this was broken in 5.0. Fixed for the next version, 5.0.7. Thanks.
  • Excellent. Thanks for the change! I have a sizeable pdf collection, my fiddles with individual pdfs nested in Zotero's respective subfolders often result in a name-change; I then need to get rid of the superseded version and associate my item with the new pdf - this helps a lot.
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