Disable quicksearch?

I have a large library. When I begin typing into the search box, Zotero gets very slow, trying to find only the first few characters of my search. I would prefer to type the full search terms, and then hit enter to execute the search. Can I config it like this?
  • No global option, but starting your search with a straight quote (") it will wait until you hit enter before searching
  • Would it be possible to add this as a global option in the GUI? For users with large libraries, the quick search is completely useless.
  • We should probably just be smart and disable quick-search if it's taking too long

    N.b. I believe there is a 250ms or so delay between the last letter typed and the search executing, so if you are typing at reasonable pace you shouldn't trigger it on every letter, but that's not really a solution for big libraries.
  • We'd like to avoid a pref if possible. Our plan is to try dynamically adjusting the timeout and/or disabling find-as-you-type when the search starts taking too long (and also to speed up the search as much as possible).
  • Maybe the delay between typing and search executing should be an increasing function of library size.
  • Also at least a hidden preference for this would be useful.
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