Disable PDF full text indexing?

Is it possible to disable PDF full text indexing? However, I want to still be able to fetch PDF metadata from the internet.
  • I am not sure, but you can change "Maximum characters to index per file" in preferences
  • Yeah, I set it to zero. But how do I confirm it is working?
  • I am not sure, but you can try to use Clear index button and then Rebuild index button. You can also check the file with index, but I do not know, where is it stored. (maybe @adomasven can help)
  • I am also interested to know how to disable this, particularly for a group.

    I am not sure how it works in groups, can anybody explain?

    My database file is now almost 1Gb and nobody is using the full-text index, we use other search tools for that. I presume it is this index that makes the database so large?

    Thank you for the advice
  • You can only disable file sync for Zotero in general, not just for a group.
    To do that, the above advice to just set indexing to 0 and to disable syncing full-text content is correct.
  • Thanks. I am happy to disable it in general, how?

    Also, if one user modifies these settings, does this only apply to one machine where the modifications are maid? Can different users of the same group have different settings? Does the full-text index data sync?

    If it is described somewhere, please feel free to direct me. Otherwise, it would really help to know.

    Thanks again.
  • In the preferences
    - under Search. set the characters to index per file to 0 and clear the index.
    - under Sync, uncheck "Sync full text content"

    This only applies to that machine, but it does mean that files you add won't be indexed anywhere unless other people manually trigger the sync.
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