Proxy redirection no longer works?

Zotero no longer automatically recognises proxy redirection (for me at least). It seems my redirection settings were not preserved during the update to 5.0, as the proxy settings in the zotero connector are blank.

When I access a a database through my institutions proxy by manually entering the proxied address, Zotero does not recognise or save it - I have to save it with a bookmark.

An example of a proxied URL for

Here is a screenshot of my settings - just added this manually to try to get '' to automatically redirect through my institutional proxy, it doesn't work.

Any ideas? I've probably overlooked something simple.
  • Looks like it only works when I actually go through my institution. If I go through my institution to a database and then link through to the publishers page it works for the publisher - I guess I have to just build up my list of hostnames again.
  • yes, that's correct -- moving from Firefox add-on to the connectors, the existing list of hosts for the proxy unfortunately wasn't transferred.
  • Thanks @adamsmith for confirming. On a side note, are there any plans to include a feature similar to the 'Google scholar citations for Zotero' plugin (which no longer works past 5.0)?
  • Update: Just saw this on the Zotero version history page under 5.0.5 (not yet released):

    Zotero Connector changes

    Restore proxies previously created in Zotero for Firefox

    This should help a lot if it means that all the older proxies will now come back.
  • It does mean that -- Dan, can you confirm this will also work for people who have already updated?

    I'm not aware of any plans for google scholar citations -type functionality from Zotero itself, no.
  • Dan, can you confirm this will also work for people who have already updated?
    Yes, it will.
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