changing the interface language in options

it well be very handy if there is an option to switch the interface language of the program in the general options of the program.

  • From my experience teaching Zotero, I can confirm that how to change the interface language is a question which occurs ca. in every class 1-2 times. Thus, any more direct way to do that would be appreciated. Maybe, one could also ask the user to confirm/change the interface language during the installation process? That is at least what I see in a lot of other programs in Windows.
  • I agree with zuphilip
  • FWIW I've had similar questions about easy switching between language interfaces: English/Spanish and English/Vietnamese. I haven't had a good answer to those questions by community college students and university undergrads.
  • I've added a language switcher to the Advanced prefs in the latest 5.0 Beta.
  • Thank you @dstillman , I see the switch now in the advanced preferences tabs and it works fine!
  • Really great to see. Removing the now-redundant language switch option from Juris-M.
  • I couldn't find the language switcher in Zotero 5.0.5-beta.6 under the advanced preferences
  • Update your version. The locale switcher is in 5.0.7.
  • How to change the Zotero interface language from Korean to English (took me some time to figure out):

    Select menu 편집 (E) --> 환경 설정 (N)
    The preferences window will pop up; now select: 고급,
    and find the pull-down menu 언어, which will allow you to choose your preferred language.
  • How to change the Zotero interface language from Japanese to English (took me 2 hrs to figure out- but thanks to @catox ):

    Select menu (E) --> (N)
    The preferences window will pop up; now select: the left most tab with tool sign,
    and find the pull-down menu, which will allow you to choose your preferred language.
  • To be clear, Zotero uses the system locale by default, so the alternative would just be to make sure your system locale is set to the language you want. (I believe there are a couple different language/region settings that could come into play, depending on the OS, but it's not like Zotero just chooses a language at random.)
  • Hi! I live in Estonia, but I am not Estonian. I have English OS, everything is in English, but Zotero installed in Estonian! And there is no way to change it in edit, there is no advanced options :(
  • P.S. To my previous comment - it appeared, that Zotero does not support scaling! So upper part of edit window was outside of the view, and it is not possible to move. Sometning to fix.
  • In Windows 10 there is no problem with scaling. Try to open edit window and use arrows key on keyboard to move on correct table.
  • I had scaling on 200%, so the upper part was out of view
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