[solved] FF Connector does not work (JS error)

edited July 17, 2017
I have Zotero 5.0 installed and it is using the new ~/Zotero directory for data storage (Windows 7). However, the Zotero connector is not saving anything anymore. I have deinstalled and reinstalled it multiple times now. I get the "Z" icon in my Firefox bar, but when I click it, all I see in the JS console is:

browser.tabs.sendMessage(...) is undefined moz-extension://cf15cba1-6a7b-4619-8571-05796cac5ae8/messaging.js:136:0

which points to this line of code in messaging.js:
return browser.tabs.sendMessage(tab.id, [messageName, args], options)

How can I reset the thing, so that my Zotero connector works again?
  • I send a debug log of my zotero standalone as: D1608343091
    However, when I click the Zotero Connector, nothing seems to happen in the Zotero standalone log.
  • Right, we need a Debug ID for a save attempt from the connector, not from Zotero.
  • edited July 17, 2017
    OK, disabled all existing addons (Privacy Badger, Print Edit) and restarted Firefox, and suddenly it started working, so something prevented it from working.
    The weird thing is that I have now re-enabled all add-ons and it still works. So some privacy-protecting add-on must have done something weird. Sorry, ignore this issue then.
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