[solved] FF Connector does not work (JS error)

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I have Zotero 5.0 installed and it is using the new ~/Zotero directory for data storage (Windows 7). However, the Zotero connector is not saving anything anymore. I have deinstalled and reinstalled it multiple times now. I get the "Z" icon in my Firefox bar, but when I click it, all I see in the JS console is:

browser.tabs.sendMessage(...) is undefined moz-extension://cf15cba1-6a7b-4619-8571-05796cac5ae8/messaging.js:136:0

which points to this line of code in messaging.js:
return browser.tabs.sendMessage(tab.id, [messageName, args], options)

How can I reset the thing, so that my Zotero connector works again?
  • I send a debug log of my zotero standalone as: D1608343091
    However, when I click the Zotero Connector, nothing seems to happen in the Zotero standalone log.
  • Right, we need a Debug ID for a save attempt from the connector, not from Zotero.
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    OK, disabled all existing addons (Privacy Badger, Print Edit) and restarted Firefox, and suddenly it started working, so something prevented it from working.
    The weird thing is that I have now re-enabled all add-ons and it still works. So some privacy-protecting add-on must have done something weird. Sorry, ignore this issue then.
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