5.0.4 Items not dropping into sub-collection

In my Library I have collections & sub-collections.

When I highlight a sub-collection & then click to download a source, in Chrome it shows as downloading into the correct sub-folder, but it does not appear in that sub-collection.

Instead, it is placing it in the parent Library only.

This was not happening with any of the earlier general release versions.

Yes, I can drag it into the sub-collection, but defeats the purpose.

Any thoughts?

  • edited July 17, 2017
    If you click away from the collection and back, does the item show up? (In other words, is this just a refresh issue?) Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for the save attempt with a collection selected?
  • Dan,

    I believe it might have been a refresh issue.

    Today I'm able to download a variety of materials into different sub-folders just fine.

  • OK, let us know if you see this again, and be sure to provide at least a Report ID before restarting.
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