Save citation but not snapshot or file

Is there any way to only save citations to Zotero using the browser connector? Without saving the snapshots and/or pdfs? I know at some point I saw such an option, but I can't figure out how to get to it in Safari.

Also, is there anyway to use webhooks with Zotero? So, you can script with something like ifttt?

Not a big deal either way; just curious! I'm liking playing around with 5!
  • There's a setting to not import PDFs and Snapshots in the general tab of the preferences. In addition, on Chrome and Firefox (though not yet Safari, I believe) you can do this by clicking on the small error next to (Chrome) or right clicking on (Firefox) the Save to Zotero icon. I think that works more reliably.
  • Webhooks: Zotero has an API that includes Atom feeds to you can use Zotero with IFTTT e.g. like this: For example, we use IFTTT for Zotero to Slack integration in our team since we found that the feed add-on for Slack by itself didn't work reliably. Given the Zotero API, it would absolutely be possible to also have a webhook to write things to Zotero, but at least with IFTTT I don't believe that's currently possible. Maybe with Zapier?
  • Thanks, that blog post is helpful!

    I'm a bit sheepish that I never noticed "Zotero Preferences" in the right click menu in Safari before. Also, that led me to find this new long-click menu as well.
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