Export-->>Import; Minus Links and Attachments

I'm trying to export my library from one version of Zotero and import it into another. The process works fine, except that I only want to export (or import) Items and Notes--minus links and attachments. I don't know if/whether I am missing a checkbox on export or import. No matter what I try, the import routine keeps finding links (I have many links to PDFs) and converting these into "real" files. I don't need all that, nor do I have space for it. How can I import only items and notes? Thx, m
  • Is there a reason you're not either syncing or duplicating your data directory?
  • I don't sync, and I am going from Juris-M to Zotero 5.
  • There's not way to preserve links to (local) files on import I'm afraid.
  • edited July 15, 2017
    Actually [I think] I figured out a way to do it. I'd just have to do it in increments because I have gigs of linked pdfs. On export check both the RDF checkboxes (Notes; Files). Run it. When it's done, go into the folder that was created and delete the subfolder /Files. Then import the .rdf file that remains. m
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