Distorted window sizes when in full screen

When I have the Zotero window maximized, other tools (add-ons, style editor) are maximized beyond the size of my screen--I can't resize the window. With add-ons, closing and re-opening the window sometimes helps; with style editor, it's always blown up.

There does not seem to be a problem when the Zotero window is not maximized.

(Windows 8; Zotero 5.0.4)
  • Does the problem persist after restarting your computer?

    Do you have access to another computer where you could see if the problem exists there, too (particularly if that computer is running either Windows 7 or Windows 10–there were some bugs in Windows 8 window management that were fixed in Windows 10).

    In general, though, Windows 8 is no longer receiving security updates, so you really should update your system to Windows 10.
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