Updated support materials

edited July 14, 2017
Hey folks,

I spent the past couple of days updating and finalizing a self-guided slide tutorial that I use during workshops and to send to students/faculty who need self-directed instruction. As far as I can tell, it's mostly up to date w/ 5.0. Figured it's worth a share. It's licensed CC BY, so feel free to copy, remix, etc. Also happy to update the master if you find mistakes and as minor interface updates roll out. My contact is in the slides.

Google Slides: https://goo.gl/G78ZuK
PDF: http://bit.ly/2tmUBG7
  • This is great! Thanks for sharing!
  • Thanks so much for this! I'm teaching a few orientations next week and this will be a good source for me to use. One minor suggestion - if it's possible to slow down the animations just a bit and pause between cycles, that might make them a bit easier to follow. Thanks again!
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