How to find unlinked files


Here is a solution for those of us who use linked files feature instead of attached files features and want to know if the folder containing the files (pdf mostly) are linked or not to the Zotero database. The idea is to export the Zotero database into a .bib file and then using Jabref powerful feature to search for unlinked files.

1- Export the database to the bibtex format. No need to export the notes or the files.
2- Open the .bib file into Jabref.
3- Click "Quality" menu and then "Find unlinked files..."
4- Select the folder where your files are
5- Then click "Scan Directory"
6- Jabref will show you all unlinked files
7- Just go back to Zotero to link your files to your items !!

This is possible since the exportation save the full pathname of all your Zotero items with linked files. Then, Jabref check each file in the folder to see if one of them is not in the .bib file "File" field !!

That's it !!

P.S.: You can use Better BibTex to keep your .bib file up to date automatically and to check regularly for unlinked files!!
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