Zotero 5.2 does not refresh when performing actions

Many thanks for the new version of Zotero. Mostly everything works fine.

One problem: Zotero doesn't seem to refresh whenever I perform various actions. For example:

1. Tags: I add a tag. At first I get nothing. I click away to a new record, then back--I see that the tag was added.
2. Trash: I control-click, choose Move Item to Trash. Get nothing. Click on Trash--the item is there. I control-click on the Trash can, choose Empty Trash. If I am trying to delete a parent item, it disappears. If I am trying to delete a child item, the child item disappears but the parent item is still there, even though it should now be gone.

I tried closing Zotero and opening again--does not help. I also disabled Zotfile 5 (already installed, at the same time as Zotero 5)--does not help.
  • Try updating to 5.0.3 -- that fixed 2. for me.

    I can confirm 1. on Windows without any installed add-ons
  • Tags: I add a tag. At first I get nothing. I click away to a new record, then back--I see that the tag was added.
    Does it appear if you just wait a few seconds? In a 3000-item test library, I'm seeing a delay of about half a second before the tag appears, and it's possible with a larger library that's longer. We should be able to fix this with optimistic updates, but I want to make sure you're not describing a different problem. If it doesn't appear even after waiting, I'd want to a see a Debug ID for the add.

    I'm not seeing 2, other than the linked issue, so I'd want to see a Debug ID for the "Move Item to Trash…".
  • Add a tag: Debug ID is D868291733.
  • (For me today tags appear almost instantaneously -- so I'm guessing I saw the lag you describe and somehow Zotero or my computer were slower yesterday)
  • Trash: Debug ID is D1342295556.
  • @adamsmith I have 32000+ records--that may be the reason :(
  • I'm working on speeding up tag adding. In the meantime you can press Shift-Enter to enter multiple tags without saving between each one.
  • OK, update to 5.0.5 and let me know if that helps with the tags issue.
  • See my reply here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/66675/5-0-6-items-not-moved-between-collections#latest

    I'm not sure how to get the debug log for this, since it happens in the middle of a session and to document I'd have to run the log for a long time.
  • I'm still here with my problems. I now got an error that required a restart--report id: 399751831. I'm not sure this is related to issues I described above.

    The original issues continue, however. I deleted all group libraries hoping that would help but it did not.
  • Not sure if this helps, but in debug logs, while having trouble refreshing, I keep seeing these messages:

    (3)(+0000005): Yielding for select promise

    (3)(+0000003): Yielding for refresh promise
  • At least some of the errors in there are from ZotFile — it's possible that's causing some issues. But you might want to see if things are any better if you temporarily turn off full-text content syncing in the Sync pane of the prefs. There are still some performance issues with that that I'm looking into.

    (I've made some other changes in recent versions that I was hoping would help you, though clearly there's more to do.)
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