Location and naming of Preferences/Options menu in 5.0

Taught a class today using 5.0 for the first time. As expected, there were hiccups, but the one that stood out most as something that could be addressed was the different locations and naming of the Preferences/Options menu in Mac and Windows.

On a Mac, it's called Preferences, and it's under the Zotero menu, top left of the screen.
On a PC, it's called Options, and it's under the Tools menu, top of the window.

Any way to put an Options menu under the Tools menu on Mac to simplify instruction and provide a more unified experience, or perhaps bring back the actions icon for both versions?
  • +1 -- I find the different placement of preferences on different OS annoying (I think LibreOffice does that too), even if it's intended to reflect standard behavior for a given OS. Or are we inheriting this from mozilla without a good way to customize?
  • Mac preferences definitely have to stay where they are — that's 100% standard behavior on macOS and it would be extremely odd to do something different. We're planning to change Tools -> Options to Edit -> Preferences on Windows, though, which will make it the same on Windows and Linux and called "Preferences" everywhere.
  • That's a good, intuitive fix. Thanks.
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