[Z 5.0.3-beta.3] Bug (??) when including citations in Word


If I remember well, before, at the moment to include a citation in a document, in the citation dialog window the references were grouped by libraries (my library and groups), but also items were grouped by colletions, isn't it?

Now, items only appear grouped by libraries: up to 4 times from "my library" as well as up to 4 times in the "group libraries"; and no collection is shown. Is it the normal way??

Moreover, if one writes the name of an author and the publication year (in order to refine the search), items of other years appear as well.

Zotero 5.0.3-beta.3
MS Word 2013 and 2016
Win 10
  • No, they were never grouped by collections unless you are referring to the classic view, which is still available
  • @adamsmith ok, it looks like Alzheimer is already reaching me, ha, ha, ha!

    Otherwise, why so many groups from each library (ok, it looks like the first one refers to those items matching for the first author), but the others? I have seen up to 4 groups!

    The search for author+year is also the expected one?

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