MARC translator gets LoC Call Number instead of local one

The following was tested on the Aleph 500 OPAC at Aberdeen University:

Given the following MARC fields:
05000 |a BS2589 |b .T35 1986
099 |a 226.4 Tan

Zotero's scraper puts "BS2589 .T35 1986" into the Call number field.
This is the Library of Congress call number, but this library uses Dewey, which is given in the 099 field. According to , fields 090-099 are allowed to hold "local call numbers."

It seems the desired behaviour would be to collect the local call number, perhaps collecting the LoC number if no local one is offered. (I assume many LoC-organized libraries only use the 050 or 0500 field.)
  • A brief update:

    Zotero does seem to go after the 082* fields (which are supposed to hold Dewy classification info) if there are no 050* (LoC) fields listed in the record. This gets me closer, but not exactly spot-on.

    For example given the follwing fields:
    08204 |a 226.406 |2 21
    099 |a 226.406 Lev
    Zotero puts "226.406 |2 21" into the Call number field. The number on the book and the one given by the web interface is "226.406 Lev". And of course, for those records which have a 050* field, Zotero puts its value into the "Call number" field. This gives an incorrect result for this library.

    Perhaps there are bigger fish to fry at the moment. I just submit this as documentation which may be useful when you get around to messing again with the MARC translator. I assume any library catalogs that are scraped via the MARC translator and don't classify by the LoC system would have the same result.

    PS the record used above can be found at:
    by searching for the following record:
    Shelfmark 226.406 Lev
    Title A feminist companion to Luke / edited by Amy-Jill Levine
    Imprint London : Sheffield Academic Press, c2002.
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