unexpected behavior in search dialog (when adding citation into text)

Hi and thanks for a great software!

When adding a citation into text (I use LibreOffice on Linux), I noted that the search behaviour is not the same as the "regular" search (i.e., when viewing my collections).

The "normal" behaviour : Normally I search the entire database by placing a quotation mark (") and then typing the search word (e.g. author) and then press enter. I do this to speed up searching by avoiding Zotero to update the results with each letter I press.

The unexpected behaviour: when adding a citation using my word processor, I press "add citation", this opens a dialog box where you search the citation you want to add. So, you have to search a item of your collection, just like the normal use. However when I insert the quotation mark it has no effect, as Zotero updates the results with every letter I type. This makes the process much slower.

Is this not an unexpected behaviour and how can I speed up searching when adding citations?

  • There currently is a small delay between typing a character and the search executing, but we're hoping to improve the citation interface and search behaviour some time in not-too-distant future.
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