Qnotero with Zotero 5.0

Can anyone use Qnotero with Zotero 5.0?

I have installed Qnotero, but it seems Qnotero is not recognizing the database and therefore finds nothing. I suspect that maybe it is related to the new type of database.

Is there any trick?

Zotero beta-5.0
Windows 10

  • It looks like the developer hasn’t pushed an update for Qnotero in 11 months, so I don’t think it has been updated with any of the many Zotero 5 database changes.
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    I am having the same problem on Ubuntu and just opened a new issue on the Qnotero Github page so hopefully Sebastiaan will be able to do something about it for us!
  • Isn't there anybody else here who knows more about the changes between Zotero 4 and 5 and who could help Sebastiaan with this? The code is on github...

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