[Juris-M] 5.0 Project Name Option

Hi - thanks again for all your hard work. When I use Juris-M with the word (for Mac) plug-in, there used to be an option in the document settings panel to name the document which would create a corresponding tag. I used this feature to be able to create collections of the citations in a particular document. Now when I click on the Project Name pane in the document settings pane it only shows a feature for restoring inaccessible reference to a Zotero group. Is there still a feature I can use to help me make a collection of citations in a document? There are too many to do it manually. Thanks.
  • In migrating Juris-M from its original Zotero 4.0 base to 5.0, I did remove the tag name setting from the cite-extraction options. That feature required quite a few changes to Zotero code, which tend to break when merging Z into JM for each new release, and I decided I didn't have the resources to keep it in place.

    I can think of a slightly cumbersome workaround that would yield the same result. If that would be useful, post back and I'll jot down the steps.
  • It would be useful, thanks.
  • Hi - when you have a chance, could you please let me know the workaround? Thanks.
  • @ejzejz Sorry for not getting back!

    The citation-extract tool has been disabled in the latest Juris-M v5.0.35 versions (currently m4). I would like to restore it, but the tagging feature will (again) be omitted. When it is restored, to collect references for a specific document, you would create a Zotero group, and extract the references there, then tag them, then move them to the folder where you want to store them.

    No timeline for the restoration of cite extraction, but it's likely to come onstream again before June.
  • Hi - when you say extract the references, could you clarify the process?
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