[Question] How to work around this small issue with sorting tags?

edited July 5, 2017
Hi there,

Recently I decided to organize my tags hierarchically. I use a three digit code prior to the name of the tag, in a Dewey Decimal fashion. But then comes a small issue.

When adding a dot after the three digit code to create a subdivision, Zotero arranges the new tag BEFORE this one, instead of AFTER. I've tried to use other special characters and letters to create subdivisions, but the problem remains.

Ex: 104.1 Psychoanalysis 104 Psychology, instead of 104 Psychology 104.1 Psychoanalysis

The only way to work around this I figured out was start with a large number of six digits. However the issuw remains whenever I reach further subdivisions.

Ex: 104000 Psychology 104100 Psychoanalysis

So, any suggestion on a simple way to work around this sorting problem?

Thanks in advance
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