firefox connector not working (but chrome works)

I have zotero for windows and use both windows and online versions. recently moved machines (new machine, no other extensions). Firefox extension looks just fine (correct buttons etc), says it is saving, but doesnt show up in either windows or online versions.

chrome connector works just fine.

error report apparently shows nothing 1504631472

thoughts? I assume I screwed up somewhere in the installation but cant really see it.

  • addendum: not working on another machine either. same story: click button, says its saving, no addition to library
  • addendum2: recent adds to the library made using chrome are not available for selection using the Word plugin - they dont show up after searching
  • Do you have a Z button in Firefox? If you click on it when Zotero Standalone is open, does it bring Zotero Standalone to the front or open a separate library within Firefox? By default it should do the former, but you may have them configured with separate data directories.

    If that's the case, the easiest fix is to install the new Zotero Connector for Firefox from the download page, and then delete that data directory (as shown in the prefs — making sure you're not touching the Standalone one) to avoid confusion in the future. If you have items in Zotero for Firefox that you want in Standalone, you can sync that library before switching to the Connector.
  • OK so I followed instructions (I think). Deleted data directory (sqlite.xx files) for firefox version only (standalone is till all there). Restarted firefox. Old directoyr gone - new one visible with none of my content. BUT firefox add button still doesnt work. says its saving but no action - and it is not saving to the standalone either.

  • OK working now thanks very much for the help. is saving to Z standlone which is what I use anyway. Much appreciated.
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