Formatting Issues: Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board

While I am generally very pleased with the TRR style on Zotero, there are a number of small formatting issues that might be addressed. Since most of the users of this style submit papers on August 1st, any improvements would help a lot of people.

Here are two important ones via my co-author:

• In Transportation Research Record, the reference numbers themselves are italicized in the text, but the surrounding parentheses are not. Thus, the proper format is neither (1) nor (1), but rather (1). This is rather subtle, but a look through any paper with references in Transportation Research Record will show that this is the case.
• Also, in the References section following the text of the paper, Transportation Research Record does not indent the first line of the full reference any more than any following lines. Again, this is a small, subtle point, but the visual effect of the way it appears now might be mildly jarring to some reviewers who may wonder if the authors fully understand the Transportation Research Board format.
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