Firefox connector not functioning

Report ID: 1155264224

Zotero Standalone: 5.0-beta.222+a56af4a10
Firefox Connector: 5.0.7
Windows 10
Firefox 54.0 (64-bit)

Hi, I'm new to the 5.0 beta and the Firefox connector (versions above), and I'm having problems with the latter. I had everything working until a couple of days ago, but suddenly I can't import anything. The icon appears only as a Z instead of the item type, and when I push it, I get only a welcome message. I've disabled my blocking addons (NoScript and uBlock Origin), but nothing. I had already whitelisted on both.

I'm not in urgent need, but any help would be appreciated.
  • JavaScript Error: "The operation is insecure." {line: 47}

    There's a bunch of these in the error report. Do you have any unusual and/or strict security/privacy rules enabled in firefox? That would be a place to look at.
  • I see that constantly, yes. About the browser settings, I don't think I do. I block most cookies, but I don't think that's unusual? I haven't had a lot of time to figure out how the connector works, and I've run out of ideas. I certainly didn't change anything since upgrading from 4.0. And again, the 5.0 connector was working for a time. Do you have any suggestions on which settings to look at, specifically?
  • You'd want to start by disabling all other extensions. If that fixes it, you can enable them 1/2 at a time to quickly find the conflicting extension.
  • It does not. This error report was made just after startup, not trying to import anything, with all extensions except Z connector disabled.

    ID report 1543138111

    My last successful imports were on 6/19/17. I haven't changed any settings, or done anything to the browser other than updating the extensions (including yours) and Standalone beta. "Zotero is currently available." I purged most of my extensions earlier this year (for unrelated reasons) and rebuilt my Firefox profile, so that shouldn't be too junked up, and Built-in Do Not Track is off, if that matters. Thanks again
  • Is this a home or an office computer? Just wondering if there is some institutional firewall setting or other policy of the kind. And what anti-virus software are you running?
  • It's a personal computer but since this started, I've been at the British Library, on their wifi network. I can try to import from another location like a coffee shop and report back. I use Windows Defender, nothing in addition.
  • It really shouldn't matter (because this is all internal ports communication) but I'd still like to see this on a different internet connection just to make sure, yes.
  • Hello from Starbucks: no dice.
    Report ID: 576983631

    This is not my preferred solution, but maybe it will help: I just installed chrome, and that connector works inside the BL and here.
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