Html Tooltip not working in notes (with the or CSS)

edited June 29, 2017
I tried to improve the readability of my notes by moving some stuff (such as references or less important information) in a Tooltip, but none of the option I tried worked.

I tried :

● the HTML title attribute:

< p >< abbr title ="My tooltip">Mouse over here</ abbr>Some text</ p>
< span title="My tooltip">Mouse over here</ span>

● a regular CSS tooltip like (I added all the css to extensions.zotero.note.css )

Is there a way to make these 2 options work or to have a tooltip in any other way in a Zotero note ?
  • Any idea if using tooltip (or css rules) is possible?
  • No one out there knows how to create a tooltip or css rules in Zotero?
  • I haven't tested this, but most rich text editors allow only a filtered subset of html, so I'm not surprised this doesn't work.
  • edited April 12, 2018
    Vialo, one solution is to add the .css rules from your link to some .css file in zotero.jar and add a class to the div/span in your notes.

    You can also use this plugin:

    In either case, you will have to apply the modifications each time you update Zotero.
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