To beta, or not to beta

Hi Guys,

I am currently running WinXP Pro SP3, OO 3.01, Firefox 3.08 and Zotero 1.09.

I have an extensive library and use it to augment technical reports.

I have teetered on upgrading to Zotero 1.5 for several months now but find I still have concerns that there will be problems upgrading or running the 'beta' version.

I do not necessarily need sync, as I only have one main machine.

I thought it might be useful to ask you what issues you encountered upgrading, if any, or is the 'beta' tag primarily related to the sync capability and I am missing a wide variety of functional improvements (e.g. style manger) by not upgrading.

  • no (non-sync related) issues whatsoever after upgrade.
    1.5b2 generally works more smoothly for me (especially the Ooo plugin) than 1.09
    I think general consensus is that the beta refers to the sync (which still is a little buggy).

    I strongly recommend the upgrade from my perspective.
  • Refer to
    I still have concerns that there will be problems upgrading or running the 'beta' version.
    Backup your current database, so that you can revert to 1.0 if you like; the only thing you'd lose is time.
  • Hi,

    I'd like to know which version makes me possible to cite and create bibliographies in Word processor. As I see, citing pluggins of beta version does not permit working with text processors yet, am I wrong?

  • See the page linked above.
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  • I'd say the improved plugin is a major asset of 1.5b - at least on open office it seems to run a lot more stable.
  • Hi,

    I'm working with:
    W XP
    Firefox 3.0 with zotero 1.5 beta version
    Openoffice 3.0
    and the zotero plugin 2.0a2

    Actually I have not problems but, anybody has detected any setback while was working whith this combination?
  • Sorry, I forgot to comment you my plugin is from NeoOffice
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