Create a New Document Type?

What would it take and where would one go to acquire the skills to add a new Document Type, for example, "ISO Standard", to an existing style such as APA 6th? Could it be added somehow to the style or would one need to get, "further under the covers", to achieve this?
Best regards, mtcstle
  • It's just not possible, sorry. We'll likely add a standard item type in the not too distant future, but custom item types are further down the road and there is no workaround (other than the obvious -- using a different item type like report) available regardless of how much hacking you're willing and/or able to do.
  • OK, adamsmith. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I can stop wasting mine, trying to figure it out. Regards, mtcstle
  • @mtstle I use type report for all ISO standards in Zotero and the output from style templates which I commonly use looks correctly
  • Thanks, LiborA. Cheers, mtcstle
  • That should be added at some point, just as another option in the Item Type drop-down menu saying Other where a text-box would allow the user to type their preferred item type.
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