Standalone + Firefox connector : No "save to zotero" option?


Due to the upcoming changes I thought I'd get ahead of things, and have moved from Firefox for Zotero to Zotero Standalone (v4.0.29.17) and the Firefox connector (v5.0.7).

I still have a button to save things to Zotero when there is a known translater, which works.

However, when saving a file from the web (such as a PDF) there used to be an additional option in the Firefox save dialog - along with "Open File", "Save file", etc., to "Save to Zotero". This would simply save the file as a new item and automatically do a Google Scholar search for metadata. This was very useful for "naked" PDFs that weren't accessed through a journal website.

Is it intended that this option should still exist? If so, can you help me get it back? If not, please can this be considered a RFE?

Thank you.
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    That option in the download pane isn't possible currently due to limitations in how Firefox's new extension system works. You can, however, just use the regular Zotero connector button with a naked PDF page (just like with any other web page) to accomplish the same thing.
  • Ach. Yet another good addon feature that's no longer possible :-(

    Thanks for the info.

  • We actually made a request to Mozilla for some sort of replacement functionality in the new extension framework, but it's not clear what if anything they'll do. (They almost certainly won't allow changes to the open/save dialog.)

    Just to reiterate, though, you can replace this pretty easily as long as you turn on native PDF viewing in Firefox. (It's on by default.) When you do, PDFs will display in-browser initially, and you can use the Zotero save button on those. If you want to open them in another program, there's a download button in the toolbar of the PDF viewer.

    The Zotero save button won't currently trigger metadata retrieval automatically, so there's an extra step back in Zotero, but we hope to be able to make that automatic in the not-too-distant future.
  • Yes, sorry - the whinge in my last reply was aimed at Mozilla, not yourselves. Thank you for pointing out the workaround, and much appreciation for having something in place well before we lose the old-style addons.
  • I have a slight concern. If I enable 'display in browser' then it means the pdf has to first download, become visible in my browser, then I save it to zotero. Many times, I find a pdf in google search (naked pdf) and just want to save it to zotero (without opening it), while going on to do other things. Now, I will have to open the pdf first, then only I can save to zotero. Am I right? Any workaround?
  • You can drag the PDF link to Zotero.

    A right-click save option for PDF links is also planned.
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