Citation not adding

I have a MacBook with Word. Plug-ins are added. Word document open. Insert Footnote. Zotero - Add Citation. Zotero pop-up window lets me select the book title and add the page number. Enter.
And ...nothing happens. SUPER frustrating. I want it in Turabian format, not classic.
Please advise.
  • First of all provide some technical information:
    What version of Zotero and MS Word do you use?
    What citation style you use?
  • Updated to the new Zotero. Word document open. Have a tab both for Zotero (> Add/Edit Citation) and Add-ins (click on first icon to add citation). Using either, the red box popup appears. Type to find source, select.
    IF I try to type in a page number and hit ENTER, nothing happens. I found that I need to type a comma, then a page number, then ENTER for the citation to insert.
    IF I open the Zotero popup and switch to classic view, I can select my source, put the page number in the box, and it will properly insert and format the footnote.
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    To insert page numbers and affixes in the default mode, click on the blue bubble for the source (or type Ctrl/Cmd+Down) and enter in the appropriate fields.

    When you just start typing a number after selecting a reference, Zotero thinks you are searching for a year.
  • (but both colon and comma also work, so there really are many fast ways to insert ampage number
  • @bwiernik: Thanks for that tip!
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