downloading db file

I have a question. If I understand correctly Zotero uses sqlite database which stores data in a single file. Is it possible to access and copy this file? And if yes how can I do it?
  • The data directory is stored here:

    By what is your purpose? What are you trying to do with the sqlite file?
  • Curiosity :) I was wondering if I can copy the database and access it on my own edit it manually and then reattach it to Zotero again.
  • I'd just recommend caution on that front and strongly recommend that you keep a backup of your database before attempting any changes. Zotero's database isn't designed to be accessed directly, and manual changes might not be recognized by the sync system. The Alfred app on macOS has a Zotero workflow that accesses Zotero via the database (I believe), and it seems to work well, so you might look into how it works.

    You can also look into using the Zotero Server or Client APIs to make such changes.
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