Incomplete sync with Firefox

Grateful for any help with this problem as I hesitate to fiddle with syncing - not knowing really what I am doing.

I have started to use a new laptop and installed Firefox and added the Zotero plug in and logged in to Zotero. My problem is that according to the sync logo (not spinning) this instance Zotero (on my new laptop) thinks it has fully synced my library, but more than half is in fact missing. It is all there on the server if I log in direct to my Zotero page (not via Firefox or any other plugin). Looking at other postings I was wondering if resetting sync history would jolt the incomplete syncing into completing. But I don't understand what that does. This is not a problem of pdfs not coming across or similar. What syncing has been done is fine, but the Firefox Zotero just needs to complete the task. Also I don't think it is a problem of not enough time. Zotero has had many hours and the sysnc icon will spin for about 30 seconds when clicked, but then stops spinning. There is no red error icon next to it. I may have caused a problem by uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox to solve an unrelated problem?
  • Partial sync with Zotero 4.x should be (and is, to the best of my knowledge) technically impossible, so likely something else is going on. First thing to check would be that you're absolutely certain you're syncing with the same account you're using to look at the library online.
    Then, what does it say when you hover over the green sync arrow in Zotero?
    Finally, what type of differences are you seeing more specifically?

    Absolultely don't use any of the reset options at this time.
  • Many thanks for your help.

    I am absolutely certain it is the same account - same username and same password.

    Hovering over the green sync arrow gives: "Sync with Zotero server. Last sync 6 minutes ago" Clicking it makes it check syncing for about 10 seconds, then it goes back to "Last sync ..etc

    The main difference seems to be that folders in the left hand window have not received their sub-folders and contents in the syncing process.
  • Yeah, I'm not aware of any way this could happen in Zotero 4.0.

    Can you provide a Report ID to start? It might also be helpful if you could take a screenshot — cropped down to a couple collections with missing subcollections is fine — and post it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox, imgur) and then provide a link here.
  • Report ID 1546610001

    I went to do screenshots of collections with missing subcollections but found that the subcollections are now there for two cases that I had previously thought were missing. I am embarrassed about this - either they were there all along, or the problem has fixed itself since yesterday. I I can't provide screenshots of problems as I now can't find them. One way or another the problem is solved. I seem to have been wasting your time. Apologies.
  • No problem — glad to hear it's working.
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