Proxy some times do not proxied

I have setup proxy in connector, but in same cases, it does not work on the first attempt and I have to use refresh button. Debug ID D700749509 is an example where I've used F5 cca 5 times.
  • Ticket created. Not sure what's causing it at the moment for a quick fix.
  • @LiborA do you still see this with current versions of Chrome and the Connector?
  • Currently I do not use proxy in Zotero, my settings was deleted and I did not setup proxy again. I will test it tomorrow.
  • OK, I have tried it just now and it seems as not proxy redirection is not working at all.
    Z Connector 5.0.19
    I try it on

    Proxy settings:
  • Make sure you don't have a space after the hostname. (We should trim that, but it looks like we don't currently, and that will prevent proxying from working.)
  • I have checked it, I have no space after the hostname. It not works.
    Chrome 61.0.3163.79 64bit
  • Did you enter the scheme and hostname manually or allow the connector to detect them automatically? Does the connector at least detect the proxy? (If you're going to test this, note that the connector will only detect a new proxy upon being taken to the login page)
  • I entered it manually.
  • If you allow the connector to detect itself, does the detection work? Also, do you get prompted to import while running Zotero if you click on this RIS link?
  • I have tested it on my tablet at home yet and the redirection and also RIS import works. Tomorrow I will test it on my PC at work where I had a problem.
  • OK. I have tested it on my Workstation at work yet with this results:
    1. I did not get prompted to import while running Zotero if I click on this RIS link and RIS file is downloaded to the hard disk
    2. redirection is not working automatically on the first
    (Debug ID D661385533)

    After 4 times press of F5 I was redirected toยจ

    It is the wrong URL!!! In the yellow bar I see message:
    Zotero automatically redirected your request to through the proxy at

    The second attempt with F5: I was redirected on the after F5 was pressed 2 times
    (Debug ID D1926811271)

    The next test. I unchecked "Automatically convert hyphens to dots in proxied hostnames" and I was redirected to the correct URL: after 8 times press F5

    Windows 10 Pro version 1607 (build 14393.1593), Chrome 61.0.3163.79 (64 bit), Antivirus Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows 10 (
    I also tested it on the tablet in the network in my work and all works on the first attempt. On home PC and on the tablet I do not use Kaspersky Antivirus, so it can be the matter of my problem.
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