IMDb translator not working

edited July 11, 2017
[Because of the dead link I reported in my previous post, I'm not sure where I should post this; please feel free to move or reclassify it]

I'm getting a "Could not save item" trying to save details of a movie (I've tried several), from IMDb, using that site's translator.

This is with an up-to-date Zotero and Firefox 54, which was only released yesterday.

Zotero is working, for me, using other sites' translators.
  • yeah, we need to add a known issue for that and/or disactivate the translator.
    The (inofficial) imdb API we were using has gone private/for pay so that's out for Zotero. I've not been successful identifying viable alternatives so far.
  • Scraping from the page using some metadata should work (they also have some nested data). I will try to come up with something.
  • IMDb is now working again thanks to @zuphilip
  • Nice work @zuphilip - thank you.
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