how to import BibTex to Zotero

I have the below BibTex format. How I can import it into Zotero?

volume = {63},
number = {02},
month = {March},
author = {S Deo and R Kumar and S Rath and U S Karmakar and M Goetz},
address = {Hyderabad`},
title = {Planning for HIV Screening, Testing and Care at the Veterans Health Administration},
publisher = {Indian School of Business},
year = {2015},
journal = {Operations Research},
pages = {287--304},
keywords = {Routine HIV screening, budget constraint, healthcare operations},
url = {},
abstract = {We analyzed the planning problem for HIV screening, testing and care. This problem consists of determining the optimal fraction of patients to be screened in every period as well as the optimum staffing level at each part of the health care system to maximize the total health benefits to the patients measured by Quality-Adjusted Life-Years (QALYs) gained.We modeled this problem as a nonlinear mixed integer programming program comprising of disease progression (the transition of the patients across health states), system dynamics (the flow of patients in different health states across various parts of the health care delivery system), budgetary and capacity constraints.We applied the model to the Greater Los Angeles (GLA) station in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) system. We found that a Center for Disease Control recommended routine screening policy in which all patients visiting the system are screened for HIV irrespective of risk factors may not be feasible due to budgetary constraints. Consequently, we used the model to develop and evaluate managerially relevant policies within existent capacity and budgetary constraints to improve upon the current risk based screening policy of screening only high risk patients. Our computational analysis showed that the GLA station can achieve substantial increase (20\% to 300\%) in the QALYs gained by using these policies over risk based screening.The GLA station has already adapted two of these policies that could yield better patient health outcomes over the next few years. In addition, our model insights have influenced the decision making process at this station.}

Please help me.

  • Generally .bib files import directly from the file (using "Import" in Zotero) or by selecting the bibtex, copying it to the clipboard, and using "import from clipboard" works.

    That said, the above bibtex is missing a closing }, which is why it won't import. It imports fine if you end a } at the end (so that there are two -- one closing the abstract, the other one closing the item).
  • Thanks for your reply. It's working fine now.
  • Could you can also help me?
    How I can add/export all the publication citations from the below links ?

  • sorry, I don't think that's currently possible.
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    AFAIK Google Scholar makes it really hard to batch export references. I used to use a workaround by utilizing Publish or Perish tool (, which fetches a lot of info from GS search or author profile, including entire publication lists, and allows to save or export them. Most likely you can export *.bib file, which can be at ease imported to Zotero. Not ideal, but should work.

    Update: I just installed PoP and queried the bib file from the given profile, here it is: It looks half-decent, but should do the job.
  • Ok. Thanks for your advice. I will try it.
  • @Ksaha
    Sure, no prob. Give it a try, if you face any issues, poke me.
  • Hi @andselisk,

    Can you please tell me if I have citation. Like,

    Gambhir, Jagdeep Singh.,Deo, Sarang.,Sohoni, Milind G.,Arora, Priyank. "Aahan (A): Innovation in community delivery of TB care in India", HBS Case, 2013

    How I can import it into zotero easily??

  • You can try using but the quality will vary a lot based on item type. Journal articles are pretty good. Reports/cases like these may have more problems. In any case, you should definitely check the quality of the metadata and make any needed fixes once you import.
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    I usually deal with either papers or books. Being a lazy pleb I use Chrome with Zotero connector, and I also set DuckDuckGo as default search engine. With DDG you can use so-called "bang!" (check out for more) instant calls for many search engines. So, for papers it's `!xref ` or `!gsc `, and for books pretty much always `!a ` does its job, and from the loaded page I just click on the translator button, so the stuff goes right to Zotero.

    !xref utilizes crossref for search, very DOI-centric. !gsc is obviously Google Scholar. !a calls for, IMO one of the best meta-data source available for the books (on average).

    In your particular case I was unable to find either DOI, or ISBN, or any other IDs. Most likely you need to create an entry by hand, as I'm not sure in which database that thing is stored, if this is the case.
  • Hi. There are a few points that I would like to clarify about BibTex importing:

    1) Is there any direct way of importing a BibTex straight into an item? That is, let's say I imported a PDF file and Zotero was not able to extract the correct metadata for the item. Then, I get the complete BibTex citation elsewhere and I want the new item to be updated in the correct fields from the `.bib` file. Can I explicitly tell Zotero that I want the .bib file to update the fields of *that* item?

    2) If there is not a direct way to specific which item should be updated with the .bib file, what will happen if I import it with `File > Import...` or `File > Import from Clipboard`? Will Zotero automatically find an item that corresponds to the respective .bib file?

  • There is no way to update existing items via import of .bib or other methods at this time. Importing a .bib file will make new items. You can drag an existing PDF item to the newly imported item and use the Duplicate Items view to merge existing and newly imported items.
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