ID 1876560706

I would like to report the ID 1876560706 for further assistance. Many thanks for your help!
  • You'd have to say what the problem is for people here to help you.
  • I have uploaded a lot of literature on a laptop that broke down in March and April. Up to this point I could work with the data and information that I did put into Zotero. I have a new laptop now, but cannot see the literature (neither online nor on my new laptop) that I uploaded anymore. Is there anything that I can do to get the literature back?
    Many thanks for your help!
  • Start here:
    It seems as your old machine was not synced to the Zotero online account or you use different account now.
  • Thank you for your reply. Zotero did synchronise on the laptop that broke down. Since I have the new laptop I cannot see the data anymore (I do use the same account). Is there anything else that I can do? Many thanks!
  • For first, login to your account in the internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or similar) on the Do you see your literature? If yes, then only your new laptop is not synced with your account. If not, then your old laptop was not synced and you have two possible ways:
    1. Restore data from your old laptop (connect the harddisk from old laptop to some computer and copy them)
    2. Or (maybe) you are really using a different account yet.
    I do not see any other ways to find your data.
  • Solution 1 is not an option since I do not have the laptop anymore. Since I do use the same account Solution 2 does neither work for me. I guess I just have to add the literature again. I would like to say thank you for your help and your responses up on return.
  • Sorry that I can not help you. Maybe if you have any other backup of data from your old laptop.
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