EZProxy prefixes/suffixes in the URL field in Zotero records

I very often use EZproxy. Unfortunately, the records saved to the Zotero through the connector have a full URL including the EZProxy prefix/suffix. In this case, the output from CSL is for example:
Available from: http://epc.sagepub.com.ezproxy.techlib.cz/content/31/1/168
instead of correct:
Available from: http://epc.sagepub.com/content/31/1/168.
Can be added setting of definitions of EZProxy prefixes/suffixes to the Zotero or connector options and these prefixes/suffixes will be deleted from URL during the import process to Zotero?
  • @dstillman I believe @aurimas had written a pull request to fix this a few years ago, but it was never merged.
  • What versions? This works for me with the new Chrome connector (5.0.5) and Zotero 5.0 — I get http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1068/c11168 in Zotero for the proxied page.

    (But @adomasven would know better on this, generally.)
  • I do not know what version. I found a record in my Zotero database this morning and next I have found a lot of others. Some of this are from this year and I used Zotero 5 in this time already but I am not sure which connector. This is one of them: 10.1007/s11367-017-1315-x (accessed 2017-04-11 15:47:41). Now I cannot reproduce it.
  • Yeah, I would be surprised if this were an issue anymore. Proper proxy support is one of the features in the new connectors.
  • The connector currently released for all platforms along with Zotero 5.0 handles this properly. Combinations of Connector or Zotero where either one or both are pre-5.0 does not work. Assuming you imported with the Chrome connector in April, the URLs would indeed have not been properly deproxified.
  • OK, thanks.
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