[5-beta-204] New Compendex translator or Firefox connector problem

Yesterday I was able to import individual records from Compendex from the "detailed" screen. The import seemed to work by recognizing the DOI on the page and grabbing the metadata through that means. Today, this no longer works. To get the metadata I must copy the doi string, paste it into the Zotero magic wand, and capture the metadata through that means. I'm not sure what changed but the need to copy and paste the doi into the magic wand requires more effort. I hope that this can revert to the previous behavior. Thanks.

Yesterday Z standalone beta 5-202, today beta 204.
  • "this no longer works"

    What exactly happens? It doesn't recognize the DOI anymore or it throws an error? Does DOI detection still work on other pages.
  • It throws an error:
    An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information.

    This was working before the update from b 202 to b 204.

    I'm wondering if something may have changed with the proxy settings. I cannot seem to find proxy settings for Zotero 5. Can you help with that? The help and troubleshooting links still go to documentation for Zotero 4.

    Yesterday, when this was working and today I've been accessing Compendex from home through my university library. When I update Zotero, the first time I access anything from home through my university library system; I am asked if I want to use the university proxy. I have always said no unless I will be getting full text. I said "no" today. I was going to try through the proxy but I cannot find where to change the setting.

  • Unlikely that it'd be proxy, but the proxy settings are in the Firefox connector in version 5.

    As always for errors, we'd like an error report ID (from the connector, I think)
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