[5.0-beta] Persisting Sync-error Report ID 2014176142

edited June 1, 2017
Have been looking at this for a few days. The the report suggests (amongst other things) that "no progress is made with item U22NWWU53". Rifling through Zotero's filestructure in storage I could not find a folder with that name. Trash is emptied; have not installed any new add-ons to 5.0-beta.202 (Mac). Have, however as usual added a number of items in the last two weeks. Tried to provide a Debug ID is well but after uploading (“Submit to Zotero Server”) I did not get a number – as I would have exptected.
  • How about now?
  • The sync error has disappeared, thanks. The non-appearance of the Debug ID was surprising but this may not be there yet in the beta.
  • Debug ID submission definitely works in general. Possible it was just a temporary connection problem.
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