[Zotero Beta 5.0] search behaviour for accented characters

Hi, just noticed this behaviour, and I wanted to check that this is what is meant to happen:
that when searching for a particular name searching differentiates between e and è [e-grave]
so that searching for 'Ranciere' won't find all the entries that have 'Rancière'

Is this expected behaviour or a bug? [I'm assuming it applies to all accented letters?]
  • It's always been like this. Fixing it is planned but no ETA.
  • this is expected (though not desirable) behavior and unrelated to 5.0 -- this has been the case for years, you can find several old threads on this.

    This should be addressed, but it's not trivial and I'm not sure when someone is going to get to it.
  • As a totally inadequate workaround, you can use "ranci_re" — whether that's any better probably depends on how easy it is to input accented characters on your OS. (Note that that's just the syntax used by the internal search system, so it shouldn't be considered an official feature.)
  • Ah OK - I probably did know this - but had forgotten due to not having to work on French texts for a while.

    Dan : so does the underscore work (unofficially) like a normal wildcard then?
  • Yes. _ is a single character, % is multiple.
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